Dear Soul

Dear Soul is one of the last poems written by Sudi. duet with Dorcas”

I’m sorry buddy; I haven’t really cared for you lately
But you know that deep down I do, immensely

And now at last, I thought we could have a chat
An open heart on us; right from the start.

Day one
I recall you were there too
When everything seemed brand new
Had you known how to
Am sure you’d have run
Away from the pain and plain rage
From our momma as she freed us from her ledge
To the laughter and wide smiles she later had
As she held us tight right in her arms Confusing, it appeared, but it was just the beginning
Though not knowing at all what was happening;

Where other babies cry, us, we sang for the moment
And right there in that bliss, I knew we weren’t
Going to be two but one in this journey of life
Because through each other we are called alive

As years went by

You resided in my heart, but there my ribs caged you
Then you shifted to the brain but Mr skull was not easier to break through

Dear soul,
I’ve unconsciously made you a prisoner
Unless I am wrong and it’s the other way around

Nevertheless, I pay Profound tribute to,

The Power u provided when I was fighting them bullies
The Tower you were when I was in need of a refuge
I needed comfort; found it with you when alone
I was happy at schools, a lot happier at home

Weak I was, you were the make-up to my courage
Insecure always, you became backup for my luggage
Whenever pushed, you pushed me back forward
You made a man out of the boy from the backyard

In my deepest dreams you showed me how to change a script
How to trade what I resented for the joy you created
Many a movie ending we cremated

I owe it to you though if today I can write

But what I love most is everything we shared
Battles I won, those I lost, through them all you were there
Not recognizing you, would be farthest from fair
Of course we make a good team, so I say kudos to how we fared

To all the people lost, and to those gained,
Love is the only prost we can afford to share

Magnificent…i mean
Intense as you seem
Why worry?
Do not worry dear soul
Soon you’ll receive
All that you ever seek

Shine and brighten
Like how I imagine heaven
Behind the horizon,up there
Its where ma trust depens

Have strength be strong
Sing your song on and on
Let your melody heal
Let your light reveal
What your capable of
But dont die quiet and solo

Come on buddy, back to our journey


A kind apart

Your kind was extinct,but came back as electicity
You are my electric chair, you execute me with joy
You are a woman that Solomon would be proud of
If you were a script, you would win the Oscar
You are my happiness in human form
Finding you was like riding the unicorn
Am not tough, even rocks are soft to your touch
You are such a sight that you fill me with light
A blessing you are, you changed my life that so far
I can easily say that never before had i had a filled heart
I want in in your life, on your terms and conditions
Punish me how you want whenever there’s a collision
I love you,like Léopold loved rubber
Take me as your luggage, wherever you go
Sit on me my lady, whenever you want
Love me mama, at that level that you loathe
Those limits you had,are a river we have to cross
I want to be your subtitles
The narrator of your life
Eyewitness to a miracle
Be a poet at his pinacle
Because you made me the best i could be
You give me what skydivers will never feel
You gave me everything and more
And i can only long for an encore

I want

I want to be out of my comfort zone

I want to be someone great, an icon

The type of person kids aspire to become

I want my home to be made a museum



I want to be strong, learn to overcome adversity

Learn how to practice what they teach at the university

Be accustomed to diversity, beauty and challenges

I want to be a doctor, the best in words arranging


I want smiles, tears come effortlessly

I want to go through bad patches heroically

Periodically shut doors to sadness

While incessantly fighting baldness


I want to be more of your love than your kin

Be part of your soul as if we shared the same skin

Be strong as you, the way you proved to, time &time again

Can you please teach me how you managed to live through your pain?


How did you attain the heights you did, with your back bent?

By your heavy past full of sadness, fakes, misery and losses

When you first went to boarding school

How was your first day? Was it any good?


I want your resilience, seeing that you were raped

Without distancing myself from the times you wept

In silence at hearing the words “No sex before marriage”

Or your regrets at not countering the ignorance


I want to know how being gay in Africa feels

The stigma you live yet manage to be at ease

The needs you never or hardly express

The crushes and loves that you had to repress


I want to be a sportsman that everyone admire

But also have your courage when you did retire

To watch young ones, not always better replace you

Yet manage to cheer for them and be respectful


In short, I want that thing that keeps you alive

The part that when you are in the dark brings light

I want that energy, that fight you may no even notice

I want to be the best you, not ignoring the worst you lived



A small chance, green at the traffic lights

And they say green is life so It doesn’t have to come up twice

For me to cross the road, to break the chains that refrained my heartbeat

Worn down by grievances of past, but I am now at the feet of my greatest feat


I cheat on myself, burned down my book of principles

As soon as they appeared to be less practical

Less important they went, like the anger I no longer vent

But come on, you can’t always fake to be happy, you would faint


Neither can you keep saying how good your life has been

We all know it is a mess, that you can’t stop sneezing

That your attitude is keeping you from your fantasies

Or that society is pushing you into early babies


Who says you can’t mess up, who says you can’t depress?

Isn’t it those that their “get mad buttons” destiny is yet to press?

Patronizing adults trying to make a puppet out of you

Hugging you incessantly that to your age mates you appear a fool


Now we about to again live through the hypocrisy of New Year’s resolutions

And make statements empty of sense and motivations

Like: I will stop drinking, smoking or jerking off

Sorry for the language but bro, fuck off


The games we play seem interesting until we play ourselves

We blame losing loved ones like it’s not everyone’s case

We see opportunities but choose sitting down and moaning

Then wake up giving reasons for being poor yet another morning


But the light was once green, but you chose not to cross

Now next to your name appears a cross







Beautiful stories are written in the stars, sad ones scorched in our scars

Screened in black and white at movies, no blu ray, most times with blurs

Even a star studded squad that should leave you awe struck

Will instead only end up serving to taking you aback


Every other day I learn that am not good at something

Maybe am good at nothing and good for nothing

I got scars on my face but am nowhere near Scarface

Am black yet not Jesse Owens I saw in Race


I am so enraged that my hope fades each passing day

Especially as it brings me closer to me passing away

I am a loser that much I know, but I still wonder

Could it be possible that to my potential am Stevie Wonder?


Never mind me, am still looking for the lost piece of my soul

Am still wandering desperately seeking what I was born for

Disgracing myself on the way for some coin to survive on

God’s way since if I was rich I’d live alone on an island of my own


A social animal no more, more like Jacob from Lost

A host of fishes to roast and no man to host

Zero coliseum for gladiators to turn into heroes

Impossibility for Cole being less known than Migos


Scars painted beautifully, Da Vinci revived

Portraits, so I never forget the days I cried

Screenshots for when I didn’t fail to try

Content, for when I start writing on my star









Lost in translation, found in despair, sitting on the electric chair

Absent is his friends mood not so electric, no happy no sad no choir

Either way he has been on death row for far too long

Much was said, like he deserves it and is where he belongs


Nobody knows how relieved he is that the moment has finally came

Everybody but him is interested in his lifetime fame

At some point, long before he was sentenced, ever since the labeling

The you are a monster, his deformities that invited bullying


This man really never had a life, he lived depressed buried in sorrow

He faked smiles every once and then, and we called it the glow

Left him by himself thinking the next fellow is closer to him

He tried to cleanse his soul with more powerful tools than Vim


His heart was covered in mud, whoever tried climbing up

Fell back where they started, no matter the build up

He loved people, but hated how much he was misunderstood

He ended up not caring either about the bad, the ugly or the good


Felicity is nothing, passing away your way is everything

A bullet through the brain, in the next life remember nothing

At the best, fragments, be a singer when here you were mute

Be a leader, when in this world you were but a mule


Not care about life since in the first place you never asked for it

Ask for the death, since you know that even you are boring

Die and rest, because since your birth nobody was sure of what you were

He is a 5kgs baby, more of a curse than a blessing since his mom will certainly die


Wish for a quick end to be put on your sorry and miserable life

And go out smiling, looking forward to the afterlife minus life

Because as someone who never felt alive, you fear that word

You fear that it follows you into your tomb

You fear the writing to be on the wall one more time

But let this comfort you, you died with radiant smile

Either way: ”nobody comes out of life alive”